This is how supermarkets trick you

Top tricks to stop you buying things you don’t need

This is how supermarkets trick you
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23/10/18 | StarsInsider

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Did you just get back from the supermarket with a bunch of items you didn't really need?  You, my friend, just got ‘got’ by those sneaky supermarket tricksters. 

You know the familiar scenario, you pop to the supermarket to quickly buy a milk carton and you stroll back to your car with a bag full of groceries and a receipt a bit longer than expected. Questioning yourself how did that happen?

It turns out it's not hard to trick us consumers whilst out on an innocent grocery run. We are extremely impressionable when it comes to sales, two-for-ones and other unscrupulous offers supermarkets may attempt to entice us with.

Pay attention to these five tricks supermarkets use to influence your purse strings. It might help you to be more conscious while shopping and save you a pretty penny or two in the long run.

There have been several investigations about how music can influence you into spending more. Studies have shown that shops who play slow-tempo music sell more than shops that play up-tempo music. Find out yourself by playing your own music while shopping. If the music distracts you from all the sale offers, you might be better off keeping the headphones on.

2. Snacks at the exit
Spending time in the waiting line is prime time to coax you into small snack like items. Chocolate bars, chips and candy are all at eye level making it a very tempting treat. A clever tactic to not add that Snickers bar? Distract yourself by reading a magazine.

3. The prices
The most expensive products usually are placed at eye level - look up or down for cheaper, similar items. Sales often contain XL packages, but seriously do you really need 5 boxes of cereal? Mostly it’s not even a good deal and you are doing the supermarket a favour by taking their overstocked items. Be sure to always check the prices and use a small shopping basket.

4. Samples
Research has shown that free samples usually result in more spending and loyalty. If you go shopping with an empty stomach, you will probably always try that free new healthy energy bar that is waved under your nose. Good chance you will walk out that shop with a six pack of energy bars under your arms. Stay strong>


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