5 excuses to cancel a date

Surefire ways to ensure a win-win situation without disappointment

5 excuses to cancel a date
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20/11/18 | StarsInsider

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We’ve all been there. You planned to go on a date with someone you fancy, but once the big moment is there, you simply don’t feel like it. Cancelling is likely going to hurt your chances with this person, which is why people often resort to making up an excuse. If you need some inspiration, here are five sure-fire ways of getting out of it without leaving a bad impression.

“I have a cold and don’t want to contaminate you"
This is an understandable and thoughtful reason to stay home. Don’t forget to work on your coughing sound in case you run into them sooner than expected.

“My best friend was dumped and I need to be there for him/her”
Only the coldest and apathetic people would blame you for helping your friends in need. This one won’t work if your date knows your friends.

“My pet died”
This will likely arouse a lot of empathy, but it goes far beyond being a little white lie as you’re practically manipulating the other person. It’s likely better to tell them that your pet is sick and puking a lot.

“I need to stay at the office”
Why take the blame if your boss can take the fall? We’ve all had annoying bosses, so surely they’ll understand?

“I don’t want to”
Yes, really, you can be honest with them. If you don’t want to go on a date with them at the moment, it can be best to tell them. Perhaps you’re just not into them, in which case there’s really no point in going on a pity date. If you do want to see them, but you just need a day or two to get your head in the right place, then set up a new time. If they’re into you, they’ll give you a second chance.

Sometimes honesty really is the best policy.


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