Easy ways to keep your jeans looking new

Don't let your faithful denims be destroyed

Easy ways to keep your jeans looking new
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03/12/18 | StarsInsider


We've all experienced that heartbreaking moment when you slip on your favorite jeans and realize they don't hug you in the right places any more, or there are new holes, or they're fading—and not in the cool way. 

Taking care of denim doesn't have to be hard, and Real Simple has laid out just how easy it can be. 

First of all, yes, you do have to wash them. The rumor that you're not supposed to launder denim is false, not to mention gross. “Bacteria and grime can deteriorate the fibers,” explains Genah Kim, a bottoms designer for AG Jeans. You don't need to wash them very often, but every three to five wears is recommended.

If you think you can bypass the wash by putting your jeans in the freezer, think again. The odor-causing bacteria will go dormant, but it will regenerate as soon as you take it out. So save yourself the shivering shimmy into your jeans when you forget you left them in the freezer and need them to complete an outfit.  

Skip the heat! Preserving that dark inky blue is done best by washing them in cold water, which will also save you some money. Even better is to soak them by hand in a cold bath, because the less heat and agitation there is, the more vibrant color stays.

Prevent baggy knees by choosing the right material. Those form-fitting skinny jeans are instantly ruined by baggy knees, but if you opt for jeans made with Lycra, the material will adjust to your body and maintain the shape.

Make holes disappear. If you're not into the ripped-jeans trend, a darning machine is your new best friend. You can leave it to a professional, or take a stab at it yourself. 


Be gentle with your embellished pairs. Jeans with embroidery, studs, pearls, and more have grown popular, but require hand-washing and gentle detergents. You should also refrain from scrunching or twisting the jeans while wet to maintain their shape. 

Stop shrinkage by avoiding the dryer. Hanging up your jeans, which you've washed in cold water (if you've been paying attention), instead of putting them in the dryer is the best way to avoid suddenly feeling very self-conscious about your weight for no reason at all. 


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