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The number 13: conspiracies and questions about luck
LIFESTYLE Superstitions 11 minutes ago
The debilitating impact of cystic fibrosis
HEALTH Human body 11 minutes ago
The 1920s book series that predicted the future
LIFESTYLE Future predictions 11 minutes ago
Famous people who died of lung cancer
CELEBRITY Deaths 11 minutes ago
This is why storytelling is good for your health
LIFESTYLE Wellness 26 minutes ago
Bizarre facts about toilets that'll surprise you
LIFESTYLE Weird 26 minutes ago
What exactly is fragile X syndrome?
HEALTH Genetic disorders 41 minutes ago
Successful companies founded during recessions
LIFESTYLE Business 41 minutes ago
Incredible women who changed the world
LIFESTYLE History 41 minutes ago
How to kill germs in your car
LIFESTYLE Cars 41 minutes ago
Black cats: The truth about your superstitions
LIFESTYLE Animals 41 minutes ago
Real-life dragons: Pets that look like mythical creatures
LIFESTYLE Pet lizards 41 minutes ago
Surprising facts about online dating
LIFESTYLE Relationships 41 minutes ago
US presidents who didn't serve a second term
LIFESTYLE Politicians 56 minutes ago
How having a pet could boost your child's brain
LIFESTYLE Animal 56 minutes ago
World records that Guinness refuses to accept
LIFESTYLE Guinness world records 1 hour ago
Bone-chilling tales from the internet
LIFESTYLE Horror 1 hour ago
The world's first sand-powered battery
LIFESTYLE Energy 1 hour ago
Times royals went undercover
CELEBRITY Royalty 1 hour ago
How to live near an active volcano
LIFESTYLE Safety 1 hour ago
Celebrities with questionable hygiene habits
CELEBRITY Celebrities 1 hour ago
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