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Famous white actors who played people of color
MOVIES Controversy 8 hours ago
Stars who died in almost the exact same way
CELEBRITY Deaths 9 hours ago
Bandmates who hated each other
MUSIC Bands 9 hours ago
Terrifying Christmas folk monsters
LIFESTYLE Folklore 10 hours ago
Peek inside Japan's surreal island of cats
TRAVEL Curiosities 10 hours ago
Celebrities who died on the same day
CELEBRITY Deaths 10 hours ago
Disturbing animal facts that will creep you out
LIFESTYLE Animal kingdom 11 hours ago
Tips for dating a widow or widower
LIFESTYLE Relationships 11 hours ago
Prison slang you didn’t know the meaning of
LIFESTYLE Language 12 hours ago
What you might not know about angels
LIFESTYLE Religion 12 hours ago
Surprising facts you didn't know about the Titanic
LIFESTYLE Curiosity 12 hours ago
Signs you had an emotionally abusive parent
LIFESTYLE Childhood 13 hours ago
How to build a sustainable bathroom routine
LIFESTYLE Sustainability 13 hours ago
Are you Oklahoma bound?
TRAVEL Usa 13 hours ago
Cheap and cheerful Christmas gift ideas for everyone
LIFESTYLE Christmas 13 hours ago
Why people see ghosts, explained
LIFESTYLE Science 13 hours ago
The brutal ways Jesus' disciples died
LIFESTYLE Religion 13 hours ago
What Christmas was like in Victorian times
LIFESTYLE History 13 hours ago
The biggest child star success stories
CELEBRITY Actors 13 hours ago
A gruesome guide to Christmas killings
LIFESTYLE Crime 14 hours ago
The greatest basketball players of all time
LIFESTYLE Nba 14 hours ago
Kate Middleton and her less-than-royal reactions
CELEBRITY Royals 14 hours ago
Brendan Fraser's rise, fall, and triumphant return
CELEBRITY Retrospective 14 hours ago
The radioactive animals of Chernobyl
LIFESTYLE Radioactivity 14 hours ago
Jeff Bridges: A look at the coolest dude in Hollywood
CELEBRITY Retrospective 14 hours ago
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