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The bizarre reasons why actors turned down roles
MOVIES Curiosities 6 hours ago
Celebs who almost became priests or nuns
CELEBRITY Religion 6 hours ago
Half a century of greatness: 30 stars turning 50 in 2023
CELEBRITY Celebrity birthdays 6 hours ago
TV show characters who came back from the dead
CELEBRITY Series 6 hours ago
The Grandpa of automobiles
LIFESTYLE Automobile 7 hours ago
The world's most powerful passports for 2023
TRAVEL Passport 7 hours ago
30 theories about what happens when you die
LIFESTYLE Afterlife 7 hours ago
What really happens during an autopsy
LIFESTYLE Curiosities 8 hours ago
Dark riddles that'll give you the creeps
LIFESTYLE Spooky 8 hours ago
Giant corporations that collaborated with the Nazis
LIFESTYLE World war ii 8 hours ago
Celebrities who don't believe in God
CELEBRITY Religion 9 hours ago
Famous figures who underwent shock therapy
LIFESTYLE Treatments 9 hours ago
What your poop says about you
HEALTH Gut health 9 hours ago
The tragic love story of a posthumous queen
LIFESTYLE History 9 hours ago
Your flirting style, according to your star sign
LIFESTYLE Astrology 9 hours ago
Famous musicians who are self-taught
MUSIC Performers 10 hours ago
The most devious celebrity revenge stories
CELEBRITY Revenge 10 hours ago
Celebrating the life and career of Doris Day
CELEBRITY Retrospective 10 hours ago
The endless list of tragic Playmate deaths
CELEBRITY Tragedy 10 hours ago
Royal kids just being kids
CELEBRITY British royal family 10 hours ago
The stars living with bipolar disorder
CELEBRITY Mental health 10 hours ago
Artists that wrote iconic songs in their teens
MUSIC Songwriters 11 hours ago
Cursed: The dark side of the Kennedy family
CELEBRITY Famous families 11 hours ago
The most important life lessons we learn from our pets
LIFESTYLE Pet owners 11 hours ago
You won't believe these mind-boggling ocean facts
LIFESTYLE Water bodies 11 hours ago
Horror stories from Disney parks
LIFESTYLE Horror stories 11 hours ago
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