The terrifying condition that is sleep paralysis

The stuff of nightmares

The terrifying condition that is sleep paralysis
Stars Insider

26/11/18 | StarsInsider


Sleep paralysis is a common, scary sleep condition that affects 8 to 50% of people. Sleep paralysis occurs when you are awake and alert, but your body is still frozen in sleep/dream mode, rendering you unable to move or even speak. Typically, people will hallucinate and see, hear, or feel things—frightening things. 

So what causes this awful real-life nightmare? Sleep deprivation, stress, or abnormal sleep patterns are typical triggers of sleep paralysis. And while there is no way to actually stop sleep paralysis while it is happening, it can be somewhat reassuring to know that episodes don't typically last for more than a few minutes. Being aware and conscious of what is going on can also help episodes of sleep paralysis or hallucinations be less scary while you wait for it to pass.

Other good news? While it can be creepy as heck, sleep paralysis isn't actually dangerous or harmful to your health. 

Sweet dreams (hopefully)! 


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