The future is here: telepathy is real

The world's first "social network" of brains allows mental transmission of thoughts

The future is here: telepathy is real
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12/10/18 | StarsInsider

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With each passing day, the things that we've attributed to science-fiction grow closer and closer to our reality. Such is the case with new technology that enables real brain-to-brain communication.

According to Technology Review, Andrea Stocco and his colleagues at the University of Washington combined gear that records electrical activity in the brain (EEG, or electroencephalogram) and gear that transmits information into the brain (transcranial magnetic stimulation) to create an interface they call BrainNet. 

To test it out, they started with an easy task: a simplified version of Tetris. 

Three subjects were hooked up to the network to play a game where a block could be rotated on screen to fit in a gap. Two of the subjects had to send the third brain signals indicating whether they should rotate the block or not, and they did this by focusing on one of two different flashing lights corresponding with either 'rotate' or 'don't rotate.' That information was then transmitted to the third brain, who could not see the gap for the block and had to act on the signals they received.

The study used five groups of three people and saw an almost unbelievable 81% success rate.

This is still very basic brain communication, but the goal for the future is to see this network on a much larger scale wherein people around the world could share information without ever saying a word.


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