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19/10/22 | StarsInsider


You know the feeling: you've just arrived at work and you're in a good mood. At the very least, the sun is shining and you feel prepared to do a good job...

You walk into the office kitchen and someone finished the coffee, but that's okay, you make a fresh pot. Then you get called into a meeting, which ends up being pointless, and someone walks in late and you have to repeat the whole thing. Throughout the day, people interrupt you constantly, phones are dinging, a strange smell begins to waft through the air, and now you're irked. But there are still several hours to go. By the time you get home, you're confused as to why you're so tired because you actually didn't accomplish much.

Somehow, across the millions of different offices around the world, and millions of people in them, the same annoying habits keeping bubbling up to the surface, causing bad days and premature graying in disgruntled employees across the globe.

While many people like to separate work from their outside life, the reality is that you probably spend more time at work, and with those same coworkers, than almost anywhere else, so it’s important that it doesn’t drive you crazy—and that you’re not driving anyone else crazy.

There are tons of office stereotypes, some that can be helped and others that may just be in people’s nature, but nothing is more tortuous than the symphony of dissonance as your colleagues play out their bad habits in a vexing harmony.

But what if you’re part of the problem? A lot of irritating behavior is simply born from being inconsiderate of others in the workplace, but some of it might not even be obvious to you.

Even if you’re absolutely certain you’re the angel of the office, click through this gallery to see the most annoying office habits in the world, and enjoy some healthy catharsis.

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